Contact the galleries/ art-spaces I work with in Barcelona, Spain:

Kaoni Gallery, Espacio 120 Gallery, Espai B Gallery,  Demasié cafeteria, Ebano bar,  LoveStop Boutique

or email me to  if you are:



– if you are a Gallery/art-space and you wish to show up my work or longing for my assistance-performing in some creative events

– if you are a Writer or an Editorial and you want me to illustrate your book or the book cover

– if you are a Blogger or a Fashion Magazine and want me to watercolour the whole Magazine of yours or make up some cool illustrations for your page


– if you are a dancer/painter/musician/poet/fashion designer and wish to join our performing team or become my model

– if you are a photographer and wish to make me a creative photo shooting


– if you wish to buy your first painting from my Online Gallery or some merchandising product and start with building up your beautiful collection

– if you are willing to make an unbelievable GIFT for someone you love and interested in a commission work (making a portrait of yours or your cup of tea or of your sweet pet etc.)

– if you have a private party (Birthday party, corporation meeting) and you wish me to perform for you

– if you hesitate for now and just want to say Hi watercolour!


– if you already bought some paintings and want more


– if you wish to meet up at some corner of the world


– if you wish to sponsor my dream of becoming a painting Dancer or a dancing Painter


– if you wish to send me far away to Melbourn or to Reikiavik  and get some exclusive watercolour feedback from there




3 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Ricardo says:

    Hola/Hello! I took a look at your compositions and they look awesome. I would be interested in getting to know a bit better your costs as I got my new apartment recently and Im searching for smth….

  2. andres says:

    hola estoy interesado en su trabajo y me gustaria que me hiciera un trbajo para mi
    espero su respuesta


  3. Jessica Rodríguez says:

    Hola Anna, buen día, soy mexicana y me encanta tu trabajo, ahora vivo en Salamanca España, pero desde que estaba en México sigo tu trabajo, me gustaría saber si me puedes hacer hacer una acuarela a partir de una foto. esperando que la respuesta sea favorable.

    te envío un saludo!!!

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