Centre Arts Santa Mónica

Art-Performance GRISES (Grey colours) for the
International Dance Film Choreoscope Festival, 

Centre Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona, 9th of November 2016.

   GRISES (promotional video)

In collaboration with:       contemporary dancer Marc Vilajuana,     violinist Neus Soler,     film-maker Marina Castillón,       digital designer Marina Colell,      photographers Hayden Lee     and    Marco Panzetti,      poets Ol Harris    and     John Grande,    writer Sergio Carrión      and     all of you.


After acting in Kaoni Gallery in Barcelona, Spain, in July 2016, in several days we recieved an invitation to perform for the International Dance Film Choreoscope Festival 2016, in the Centre Arts Santa Mónica, in November 2016, which turned to be a HUGE challenge!

The summer project GRISES which seemed to be a baby born, tiny and insecure, made within the dimentions of an art gallery in that unique space with a inmense open terrace to the famous La Rambla of Barcelona turned to have NO bonderies, becoming an international multidisciplinary interactive project, where live music, dance improvisation, live-painting and poetry were brought up together and the voice of the spectators sounded as load as never!

Together with the artists and the public we questioned ourselves about the movements and sounds, visions and reality, straight and undulating lines. We leaded the dynamic conversation about the colours and shapes, about the sky and the sea, where the protagonist was the GREY colour. We wanted to crush the stereotypes, we were longing to make the public see this colour in a different way, we were looking for discovering the space and time within it where everything is possible.

During the month of the preparation for this event hundreds of friends from all over the world were asked to express their opinion about the GREY colour. We received tons of your postcards, photographs, poetry and drawings, which were used for the art-installation. Meanwhile the paper I painted in some watercolour stories for Marc Vilajuana to be improvised by was being left to be bathed by the rain drops in my balcony…

That special evening of the show turned to be the Manifestation of the GREY! Together we played with the sea stones and with watercolours where there were all the colours except the black, which is so typical in my works. You played with the words sharing your thoughts in a moment about the GREY colour in small pieces of paper we prepared for you. You came to see us in the artistic space in GREY clothes… You even brought us the GREY cake! Immense thanks for being so active!



For PRICES and more information please contact us via email or leave us a comment (prices will include the travel expenses and the hosting)
The duration of the show is about 1 hour, the list of actors can be alterated.

Please let us know via email at least 2 weeks of anticipation.

We are ready for the long travels!
Please let us know at least 6 months in advance.


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