Kaoni Gallery

Live Performance GRISES,
21 Julio 2016, Galería Kaoni, Barcelona

We got to know each other with Marc Vilajuana some time ago but the summer of 2016 became the right and beautiful moment to create together. While preparing the inauguration of the solo exhibition of mine in Kaoni Gallery we started a fascinating conversation about the fragility and consistency.

What is the relationship between them? Which one do we think we are? Solid? Liquids? …both of them? We launched questions in the air and played in the limbo between these two movements, these two forces, these two roles that, diluted in the whole, gave us a myriad of possibilities between the white and the black, in Grayscale aesthetics. We responded simultaneously to each other’s works through our disciplines: painting Marc´s solo dancing and him improvising into the movement when discovering my paintings together with spectators.

Neus Soler Ferret Violinist, actress.
Marina Castillon Visual storyteller, filmmaker http://www.marinacastillon.com/